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Wix Development

At Ecomstars, we have the track record of building enviable websites using the Wix platform. We want to deliver you the superlative-quality websites and present its multi-functionality using the potential of this new platform.

Setup & Customization

We provide Wix Site Setup and Customization services as per your niche. Also, everything can be customized, from the layout, colors, and designs to fonts in order to meet your unique business needs.

For your pleasure, our professionals rapidly set up your Wix site and create high-quality themes that are completely SEO-friendly and functional to rank your site’s position higher on Google and other search engines.

Wix Theme Development

Being experts in Wix Website Development, we provide tailor-made Theme Development Services based on the requirements of our clients and offer 100% flexibility to alter the layouts as per your further needs. Your theme is the foundation of your entire website that speaks about your brand, your work, and the services that you offer to the market.

Design your professional website with our certified Wix designers and give life to it with flawless animation, scroll effects, images, and video backgrounds.

Wix API Integration

Its APIs give us full control to manage the site’s functionality and can be utilized to interact with the site’s database content, page elements, and external services.

Contact us at to talk to our specialists for API Integration Services, Custom API Development, or Payment API Integration to make your site more secure and reliable.

Wix Migration Service

Impinge Solutions provides comprehensive solutions in the field of migration and lets you join an international Wix community to resolve your queries and transform your website to Wix with our migration services.

We have Wix developers who have subject-matter expertise in migration and have immense experience to move your website to any platform.

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A Unique Website

Whether you decide to build your website from scratch or need a new makeover for an existing site, our skilled web designer and Wix web developer know how to match your needs and make your website stand out from your competition. You know a creative site with a blend of uniqueness and high-quality pictures and effects is all that you need to obtain a curb appeal for your site and attract your prospective customers.


We ensure the delivery of a user-friendly website that can be managed easily. In case of any issues, you can contact us anytime, and we will provide you with the best support from our performance experts, who have expertise in speed optimization services to improve the performance of your Wix eCommerce store.

Rapid Delivery

We don’t want to lose you. Trust us; we have developers who build excellent websites and deliver Wix projects as per your deadline. However, the project’s complexity is the sole factor that determines the delivery time. To enhance the speed of your website and facilitate faster loading, we optimize the website to acquire the best user experience and confirm higher conversions.

Maximum Protection

Website security is an essential factor, and we don’t miss a single chance when it comes to making your website safe and HTTPS compliant. At Impinge Solutions, we have dexterous teams with security tools to remove all loopholes that your website may contain and promise to improve your search engine ranking.

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