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Pinterest Ads

Is advertising on Pinterest possible?

Types of Pinterest Ads

Advertising on Pinterest is very possible and can be a beneficial addition to your digital marketing strategy if you feel your product is relevant.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins are useful because they effectively blend in with regular pins.They function like your average post too, and users are able to pin, share and comment on them.

What’s more, once a user adds a promoted pin to one of their boards, its ‘promoted’ label disappears. Any further re-pins are free and are a terrific source of organic traffic.

Promoted Video Pins

Video ads are an important aspect of Pinterest advertising, with 90% of customers claiming that video advertising assists them in making purchasing decisions. They are practically identical to promoted pins, however they allow advertisers to display videos, rather than images.

There are two styles of video advertisements offered by Pinterest. Standard width video ads are the same size as regular pins, while max width pins are more expensive and take up a user’s entire feed.

Buyable Pins

Buyable pins allow users to make purchases directly from a pin. These appear in the same place as promoted pins and easily blend into a user’s regular feed. However, buyable pins also allow users to view product information and make a purchase.

Buyable pins are efficient in increasing sales, traffic and revenue, and are ideal for retail businesses such as fashion brands, accessories and interior decorating.

Promoted App Pins

These allow you to advertise your app on the Pinterest mobile website and enable users to download it directly.

They are the same size as regular pins; however, they include an ‘install’ button, allowing users to quickly download. They can include videos or images.

Why advertise on Pinterest?

The cost of Pinterest advertising varies depending on your campaign goal. There are three main advertising goals you can set for your Pinterest ads

Amazing Reach

Pinterest ads can be re-pinned again and again and again, by different users to different image boards and followers, making their reach incredible. This allows for user sharing of all of your ads to take their reach and impressions to new levels and be pinned and shown to a community of like-minded users interested in your product.

High Customer Interaction

A wider reach inevitably leads to increased customer interaction. According to Shopify, half of Pinterest users have made a purchase after viewing a promoted pin, and one third have discovered a new brand through Pinterest advertisements. What’s more, Pinterest users have been found to spend more on online shopping.

Longer Stream of Traffic

The longevity of Pinterest advertisements is far higher than that of Twitter or Instagram. Ads can appear on users’ feeds months after you post them and can be re-pinned over and over. Each time an ad is repinned, it is displayed to a whole new group of followers.

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