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Influencer Marketing

We connects businesses to new audiences through social media influencers. We find new target customers who love your products.

How We Do Influencer Marketing

We find the right influencers for your brand, from top creators with a global reach to niche and micro-influencers renowned for authenticity. 

Industry Research

Before we create a killer campaign strategy for your business, we research your industry to find the best social media channels for your business and the most influential content creators in your industry.

We also take a look at what your competitors are doing — whether or not they’ve run influencer marketing campaigns, who they’ve worked with, and how successful their efforts were. Then we work out how to give your business a competitive edge.

Influencer Pitching

Once we know who the most influential content creators are in your industry, we’ll reach out to them.

We have a huge network of influencers we’ve already built relationships with, so it may be that we’ve worked with them before. But if not, we’ll reach out and start building a relationship with them on your behalf.

We’ll pitch collaboration ideas, introduce influencers to your brand and explain the benefits of working together.

Partner Negotiations

Influencers know their audience better than anyone, so we’ll work with them to create a campaign that their followers will engage with. A campaign that will help you achieve your business goals.

Influencer marketing has the most impact when your business and the influencers you work with are invested in the campaign’s success. We’ll build a partnership that delivers value to influencers and their audience and helps your business get the attention it deserves.

How Your Influencer Marketing
Campaign Will Start?

We Review Your Goals

Before we start creating an influencer marketing strategy for your business, we first want to understand your goals. We want to know what your business’s growth goals are so we can create an influencer marketing campaign that can achieve them. The partnerships we create with influencers are going to help you smash your targets and increase your revenue.

We Review Your Industry

Not one social update gets posted until we know what your competition is doing. We want to know what other businesses are doing, but what we really care about is what your target audience is engaging with. Social media influencer marketing is about conversations. Once we find out the type of content your target audience engages with and who they love to share it with, we’ll then start forging your first influencer marketing partnerships.

We Review Your Competitors

Now we know the content your audience is engaging with, we’ll look at how your competitors are engaging with them. We’ll look at what’s working; we’ll look at what’s not — and put together a list of opportunities and weaknesses we can exploit within your influencer marketing campaigns. Before long, you’ll be challenging your industry, making a name for your brand, and achieving your revenue goals.

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