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Trademark Registration

An Trademark registration, or limited liability company, provides a legal degree of separation between business owners and their businesses. Owners’ personal assets are considered separate from those of the business. Because of this, Trademark registration owners are not personally liable for the business’s debts.. Trademark registrations also have tax advantages for some business owners. Forming an Trademark registration can also provide you with a degree of added credibility, as it looks more professional than doing business with an individual.

You start an Trademark registration by filing business formation paperwork with your state. There are several steps you need to follow. Every state requires you to hire a registered agent.

Amazon Brand Registration

The Ecommstars Bandwagon is skillfully managing all the tough work mentioned below:

Preparation and filing of trademark applications. 

Dedicated lawyers for filing in various jurisdictions. 

Prosecuting (legally registering) a trademark. 

Trademark opposition proceedings. 

Trademark cancellation proceedings. 

Trademark renewal. 

Preparation of trademark assignments. 

Trademark portfolio management. 

Website audits to determine which trademarks need protection. 

Trademark strategy review and consultations. 

Amazon Brand Registry assistance.

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